DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST: Emmanuel, J, Tamil Nadu, India

I was suffering from Covid 19 as I would go anywhere to help the family, friends whoever they may be. One day I had a severe pain in my knees. My blood sugar as I checked came down to 60. I went to the private hospital. They did not suspect me for the above viral attack. Instead they simply made me wandering for four days asking to check all blood disceases. Fifth day only they asked me to check Covid 19 and found it the same. I was admitted to the Government Hospital. I thought the disease would become severe and might suffer a lot. But all of the admitted days I had no breathing trouble. The treatment was very nice. I could come out of severity. I am healthy and as strong as before. I thank God several time because of my Lord whose presense in inner heart to take care all of movements and activities in my life.

  • To become a Disciple of Jesus Christ three most important things to be followed:
    1. Listen to Him - He would tell and speak often when we are free or taking rest especially during the time of sleep. Many times I heard his direction to do this and that. I have done and I have got great success
    2. Don't discriminate people: Try to answer politely to the opponent. We need to avoid hatred and dispute. Sometimes they might feel sorry because of the wrong doings. Help all without any discrimination.
    3. Feel life is short. We need to bear good fruits. Our activities in all our life should be felt by many in this world and to be remembered even after death we have had done wonderful and amazing things to all....

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