I was a chain smoker during my early teens for the past 5 years, once after school, I and my friend were waiting for another friend who had taken my bicycle and gone away for very long hours’, then my school principal son came along the way and caught us saying what are you doing after school hours’. and we said that we are waiting for another friend who had taken my bicycle and we were waiting for his return. but our principal son did not believe our words. instead, he took us inside the principal office and began to flog us both for 3 hours.
And we repeated the same words, time and again but he thought we are lying to him and began to hit us hard. with tears, I had to call upon God from my mind I did not utter any words and asked him to take me out of this present situation and I made a promise if you get me out of this present situation I will surely leave this smoking habit.
And after some time about 10 minutes, the principal had gone to report the matter to the principal and after some time the principal son had come back and set us free, asking you can go now, I did not understand the sudden change in him, since I was eagerly waiting to get out of that place, I and my friend had to rush out from there, at the very moment I realized that God had heard my prayer and I glorified God at the same minute and as I promised him I stopped smoking on the same day. And it has been almost 20 years, I haven’t turned back to that habit again. now I am re-born Christian & I can assure I am a firm follower of Jesus and in him, I am rooted firmly till today.

  • I am not only the reader of the word of God, but I am practicer of the word of God.

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